Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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It is not happen everyday, but it is happen to everyone. Not everyone realize it, we are sharing the same feeling. We are too busy blaming someone else or if we are pathetic enough, we would probably blaming ourselves  because has made the feeling even occur in our life. Don't you know the beauty of feeling "SAD". Some might say yes and the other half still looking for person to be blamed. We are human, and we are the sinner. No matter what religion, we all do things that far from our religion would agree.

We are human, aren't we.

As a Muslim, i will be so happy if i am not commiting any sins. I think just in my dream :)

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim...if we always follows His way, He will give His mercy to us.

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One thing i learn from sadness, i felt that i am near to him. Although, all the while He is always near to me. I am thankful that i am a Muslim. Subhnallah, i may commit sin now or in the future, but i know, Allah will helps me along the way. Life maybe hard currently, somehow, i put my hope and faith that everything will be ok. 

This is how i motivate myself to be a good Muslim. 

To be a good daughter for my parent.

To be a pious wife for my future husband.

To be a lovely mother for my children. 


Kostya Shaknov said...

Секс! проститутки вызову Одесса
Я люблю трахаться милый мой мальчик приезжай скорей Лучше быть молодым навозным жуком, чем старой райской птицей.

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