Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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It is not happen everyday, but it is happen to everyone. Not everyone realize it, we are sharing the same feeling. We are too busy blaming someone else or if we are pathetic enough, we would probably blaming ourselves  because has made the feeling even occur in our life. Don't you know the beauty of feeling "SAD". Some might say yes and the other half still looking for person to be blamed. We are human, and we are the sinner. No matter what religion, we all do things that far from our religion would agree.

We are human, aren't we.

As a Muslim, i will be so happy if i am not commiting any sins. I think just in my dream :)

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim...if we always follows His way, He will give His mercy to us.

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One thing i learn from sadness, i felt that i am near to him. Although, all the while He is always near to me. I am thankful that i am a Muslim. Subhnallah, i may commit sin now or in the future, but i know, Allah will helps me along the way. Life maybe hard currently, somehow, i put my hope and faith that everything will be ok. 

This is how i motivate myself to be a good Muslim. 

To be a good daughter for my parent.

To be a pious wife for my future husband.

To be a lovely mother for my children. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Love February

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Begin my entry with a good thought that this month will bring more happiness than i ever need. Not that i'm not thankful for i have right now, i'm just hoping it could be better. Its been a year already, but i don't think that i have achieved much. But, Alhamdulillah, i'm still alive and Allah swt still giving me time to follow His way. InshaAllah, i will and though it is hard to fight within myself, i wont give up yet...(^,^)

Ok..lets talk about what i want this year. I got plentyyy!

Every girl in the world no matter what race, religions and their belief, one thing every girl has in common is, the feeling to get married. Even a little girl has that feeling. It is the wonderful feeling for every girl, to spend their time with their loves one. However, not every girl can achieve that dream, some will be very fortunate to get married to someone they love. Some will crying at the deepest corner of their heart when seeing others getting married while they still hoping for it. 

Me? I am that crying girl for last year....hahahaha...but, im happy for those who already married and are married twice. Alhamdullillah and barakallah for them. Did i envy? Not really. I believe that what Allah's plan is better than our plan. Maybe not today or tomorrow, it will definitely some other day. If you don't get married at all, don't worry, worship Allah swt and our Prophet, Subhannallah, u will end up in Jannah. Isn't that is our virtue???

For those who worried that they are getting old and no one will want them, think twice woman :)

Did u ever read about Siti Khadijah r.a. She was married to our Prophet when she was 40 and our Prophet love and adore her so much. 

So, don't be worried woman!huhu....u will get a chance. Pray harder and work harder. Give love and forget the hate. 

I am not that good also, i make mistake and sometimes i don't know how to fix it. I got lost few times, Subhannallah, Allah still loves and bring me back to Him. I pray and gives hopes that everything will be ok. 

Just forget what will people said about your age sayang, they don't live your life. Let give our hope to something useful. You is what you think. I am sometimes think negative but if a friend tell u something useful, try to accept it. It might be helpful. I guess that's it. I wish that this year will bring happiness to me and to everyone. I may not getting married this year, but thats only my plan, I really don't know what Allah had plan for me and for you...^_^

I am thankful to Allah.
I am thankful to live for another year.
I am thankful to have family and friends that understand me and my mood. 
I am thankful to have a my BG wonderful family who care for me though not ever sharing same blood line.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bila Aku Memohon Jawatan Kosong Yang Bukan Taraf Aku

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I don't really know where this things come out. Whether im out of my mind kah. Keterujaankah? Its just for fun, so we will know it is really works or not. Ekot rezekilah nak...mun dah rezeki kita di siya..ALHAMDULILLAH...mun nisik, carik agik lah!

I try to fill in this post and try to configure how they would react with my pitch....lebih kurang cmtoklah ayat desprate yang aku dh pakei but in a manner way lahh :)

Sebab dah slalu gilak aku isik, belum pernah daktok nunggah aku pg interview. dapat di hitong k tangan dalam 10 taun tok start dari aku diploma aku isik. dah abis degree and currently bok 3x ku pergi interview dengan sidak tok. 


After i filled in the best pitch ever in my life, i tot its end just there. But, its not!!! Saya dengan harapan untuk mendapat kerja trs aku ngisik benda tok....satu apa aku xtauk pasa hr and i try my very best to fill in and give my best effort.

Everything that i filled in is honestly from my heart....aku sik bulak!!!!


So after jak submit...xbulaklah if aku sik hope....hahahahah....seriusly, wat happened, dengan tiba2 jak nk apply jawatan tinggi gya. Di tetak orang baca jak. Pui!!!

Baiklah! Malas banyak cakap!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hati Ini Sungguh Sensitif, Murahnya Air Mata

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Have u ever experience a situation where u are being alone at a place such car or in your office. By that time, only u and the music. While listening, your heart is so emotional....and then out of nowhere u ended up crying listening to the song.

Always happen to me....maybe im so sensitive or maybe the song got the magic touch...hahahaha

A song can relate with a thousand memories......TRUE!!

A feeling can be express by music especially if u cant tell people how u felt....TRUE!!

Manis sungguh perasaan bila bercinta, dengar pun lagu-lagu cinta juak lahhh....

Sakit sungguh perasaan sayang, kakya nenga lagu rock lah!huhu.....

Sayu sungguh perasaan cintakan and sayangkan Allah and rasul......subhannallah^_^

Hiba sungguh perasaan nenga lagu utk parent.....

Everything can be included in a music, just how u define it and depend how u want it to be....

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm the Sinner

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Not even single human in this world is not the sinner....everyone is not perfect.....

I pray everyday not to show I am good.....I pray everyday because I am the Sinner.....

I am the Sinner in this world which belongs to Allah.....

I try my very hard not to fall, if i did fall, i try to get up everytime with a faith that He always with me....

Still, I am the Sinner.....

No one can define that Allah has forgive nor Allah not forgives humans.....Only Allah knows....

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People tend to see and speculate that, a person who always pray is a good person. As for myself i don't put that much standard to myself and sometimes it just too much for me who are still looking for the light. 

I am the Sinner and always be......

I pray not to be proud of it....
I pray for all the mistakes that i have made in my life....
I pray for the goodness of people around me...
I pray for jannah...

I am not praying because I want to look good in front of people....I pray because i want to be good in front of Allah.....

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We live in this world which belong to Him.....why must we proud to the things that only been borrowed to us???Have we even grateful and thanks Allah??

Hasbunallah Wani'mal Wakil

Allah The Great gives us opportunities, and if He wants, He can always take it back from us in a second.....

I make mistake and try to make my way return to not judge because I pray alot...because I am the Sinner......

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What You Want Me to Do??

I hurt, i cried

Is that cheering u up?

I was in pain.....did u see?did u feel?

I had no one to u know that? So what make your situation are worst than mine??

Is it hard to tell tha truth??

What should i do??

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Wish......

I try my best to be happy and to appreciate what i have in my life. I give so much and sometimes i never get anything in return. But, that is not the point, i want to give because i want to do it......

My life maybe has not yet become what i want and not even perfect. I try to keep myself to be positive towards everything. Yes, sometimes i feel i want to give up, but i keep telling myself don't cuz Allah swt will help me always....and He did

I did alot of mistake, but all the mistakes and hurtful situation taught me to be patient and to have patience. I keep telling myself, dont do bad to people, be kind, but not naive...Allah see and Allah listen

There is alots of thing that i wish.......

I always believe in miracle because it happen....

I believe in du'a and the miracle of it......

The Merciful Allah, hope He forgives me cuz being ungrateful.....Allahumma Ameen

I wish everything will be fine.....Allahumma Ameen

I wish that i will be strong......Allahumma Ameen

I wish Allah will always bless me.....Allahumma Ameen